#Church of Pentecost Pakistan

Vocational Bible School

There are schools for Muslim boys and girls called “Madrasas” where they receive religious education for spiritual growth and training.There is lack of such schools for Christian boys and girls, where they can receive religious education to grow in spiritual area. The Church Of Pentecost has a burden to educate and train the Christian Children in Context of Holy Bible. The Church seeks to focus on 4 major areas which are as below. Physical Growth
Mental Growth
Spiritual Growth
Social Growth
We believe that through incorporation of vocation Bible Schools it is possible to reach our Christian youth so that they can grow Spiritually, Physically and Mentally.Through the Vocation Bible Schools, The Church of Pentecost Pakistan is struggling to incorporate some qualities in Christian Student after the completion of their period. The activities of the VBS have been designed according to the objectives to get best results including these skills. Leadership
Art Work
VBS aims to form groups consisting of 50 children. There are total 100 group with 5000 children, training and learning opportunities are organized for these groups including basic health awareness about personal hygiene, maintenance of routine life, interaction with class fellows, moral and social ethics, quiz programs, sport programs and exposure trips.