#Church of Pentecost Pakistan

Our Story

Dr. Jamil Nasir and his wife Rosemary got married in May 2000 and moved to Lahore where they started their ministry.In the beginning of this journey they spent a whole year making friends and building relationships in the new community. They would invite people to their home for tea or dinner and slowly through this small fellowship they were able to start a Church. They adopted one-to-one discipleship among Christian neighbors and friends, and in few months the group got more and more established. They also did home visits for follow-up and encouragement. The ministry work was growing day by day but there was lack of capital, resource and a place to worship which led them to great disappointed.In 2003, God spoke to Rev. Dr. Jamil Nasir and asked him to start a church. He obeyed God’s saying and started a proper Church by renting a small room for regular Sunday Services. More and more people got attracted to the church and gradually it became a congregation of 300 people.The small rented The small rented room appeared smaller and people stared standing outside the room in 47c in tents. God guided Dr. Nasir to step out on the street and put up a tent publically. This was the start of a “Tent Ministry” which after all these struggles became a church in a public park with crowd of 1000 people worshipping and praising HIS name. This was the first time in the history of Pakistan where the Government of Pakistan allowed any Church to have their weekly Sunday service openly in a public park. For Eight years we worshiped God in a Tent Church. Following God’s will, the Church of Pentecost Pakistan moved to a proper building in 2015. This church was built through many hardships and determination. Today we worship in a 4 stories church building where we can accommodate up to 2500 people. Other than this our regular Bible classes take place here. The “the Lord’s Table” LANGAR /free meal is served every day for poor and needy people without any discrimination of cast, color or religion. Our church has flourished a lot and there are up to 11 church campuses with pastors, working with our National Head. We are working on various projects currently. We do live broadcast and spread the word of God through books, CDs, DVDs, social media and Jairus TV..