#Church of Pentecost Pakistan

Leadership Conference

The church of Pentecost Pakistan is borne out of the vision provided within the context of functioning local churches and ministries, an opportunity for Christian leaders to develop their relationship with God and effectively serve the people. We as a Church consider that the place of training in achieving any major goal in life is very crucial. It should not be once and for all affair but a continuous process. Many great Bible scholars of old, through their dedication and appreciative efforts have explained divine principles to educate upcoming leaders on challenges awaiting them, which have made positive impact on the practice of Christianity till date. Various changes in modern society today call for a serious concern for leaders leading secular affairs in general and Church affairs in particular. These conferences are firmly integrated into day to day life of Christian leaders and many of the activities are designed to develop increase sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our chief aim is to build basic spiritual leadership principles in the participants and to balance it with day to day experience, so that they may lead effectively to fulfill God’s purpose despite denominational differences.