#Church of Pentecost Pakistan

Adult Education

At present about 55 million Pakistanis above the age of ten cannot read and write or do simple calculations. The overall official literacy rate is reported to be a little more than 50% with two-thirds of the female population utterly illiterate. Pakistan indeed is at the lowest rank of the international literacy ladder. No country can make rapid progress in this day and age if the bulk of its people remain deprived of the basic skills of reading and writing. In 2011 a step was taken y the church of Pentecost Pakistan in order to start literacy education.Adult Literacy has not yet been accepted as a major need in Pakistan especially in the rural areas. Feudal culture obtaining in rural Pakistan is not conductive to the promotion of education. Illiterate male adults in rural areas are generally not interested in acquiring literacy skills because of age factor and on account of preoccupation as bread-earners of the family. They are also generally not in favor of women going to literacy centers because of pressing work in the home. Inadequate schooling opportunities also inhibit girls to seek education. With In 5 Years We Tranined More Then 4,000 to 5,000 Students From Bricklin and Home Servent